Terms & Conditions

For Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness classes

Terms & Conditions for classes with Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness


Bookings and Registrations


Bookings and registration for all paid classes, courses and events are taken through the Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness via a  Bookwhen website (bookwhen.com/beckyroseyoga)




Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness reserves the right to cancel a course before it starts if there is a problem with the venue or class size (classes will only run if a minimum of 3 people have signed up). In the event of cancellation, you will be contacted by Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness. Please ensure your contact information on file is up to date. Your course fee will be returned and  Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness will endeavour to offer you an opportunity to attend another course.


If Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness has to cancel a class, you will be offered a pro rata refund for the cancelled class(es) or Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness will replace the class at another time. Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness will contact you to inform you of the cancellation. Please ensure your contact information on file is up to date. If the cancellation is due to Practitioner sickness, a personal or family emergency, your class will be transferable to a future date. 


In the event where a class needs to be shortened due to adverse weather conditions or weather being too cold or too hot, it will be shortened by a maximum of 20 minutes if possible but no refunds in any instance will be given due to a change in weather unless the class is cancelled prior to the date. 




Course refunds can be given within 10 days prior to the beginning of the course commencing. You must request your refund in writing, preferably by email to beckyroseyoga@gmail.com


No refunds can be given for a missed class.


Catch up sessions can be offered in the event that you have given at least 72 hours notice that you cannot attend the session.


Cancellations and Refunds – Covid-19, Government Regulations or Pandemics


If  Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness classes must cease operating due to a Covid-19 outbreak, government regulations or guidelines, or lockdown, all classes and courses will be moved online.


Refunds will not be given if classes and courses must move online due to Covid-19 or government regulations.


The difference in price for online classes and courses will be taken into account and modifications will be made to the length of the classes and courses. The absence of rent payable to a face to face venue will be taken into account to extend or modify the classes and courses. 


If in the event classes or courses cannot be moved online immediately due to lack of childcare or resources on the part of the Practicioner, classes will be transferable to a voucher redeemable at a future date.


If you and your child cannot attend a class or course for any reason, for example a child outgrowing the class, or a parents return to work, then your place will be transferred to a suitable class or course of which you can attend. 




Communication will be made in the first instance by email.


You can choose to opt in or out of WhatsApp mobile messenger groups for the purpose of keeping updated on classes or to stay in touch with your class cohort. Opting in and out is possible through the initial booking form. By opting in you are aware that your personal mobile number will be made visible to all parties in your course or class cohort. 


WhatsApp broadcast messaging may be used from time to time. This operates like text messaging, whereby no ones number will be made visible to anyone else. 


Facebook Business Messenger ( otherwise known as business DMs) have proven unreliable so will not be checked as regularly as emails. Please make sure your email is up to date.




No later than two weeks before your term or block booking runs out, Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness will offer you the option of renewing for another term or block booking. Places will remain on a first come first serve basis.




Payment is taken via Bookwhen, Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness website or directly by PayPal. In the event that payment via these methods cannot be possible, bank transfer is acceptable. Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness does not handle cash or cheque.


Ground Rules


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness would like to make you aware of the ground rules which exist at each session, class or workshop for the purpose of the safety and comfort of each participant and to create a safe space for learning and sharing. Sharing will be limited to 5 mins at the beginning of each session and 10 minutes at the end of a session. Hot drinks will be kept out of reach of children. Choking hazards and other hazards(earrings, rings, lighters, etc) will be kept of the reach of children. The space is one where stricts rules of confidentiality (keeping what is said at the group within the group) will be adhered to at all times. Rules of kindness, respect, non racism and equality will be adhered to at all times. BRY&M reserves the right to expel any participant found to be breaching these ground rules.


Bank details:


Nationwide Bank Plc

sort code: 070436

Account number: 29259991


Safety and Wellbeing


Please note that we are not insured for being barefoot so please bare this in mind if you choose to be barefoot during any of our sessions indoors or outdoors. And by accepting these terms and conditions you will not hold Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness liable for any injury connected to being barefoot.


Participants are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their child(ren) during the entire length of the Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness class they are attending.


Participating in a Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness class is entirely at your own risk without any proven negligence, breach of duty of care or lack of due diligence by Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness


If drinking a hot beverage, please ensure that it is kept out of reach of children.


To help minimize safety hazards, please keep small items out of reach of children to prevent choking.  


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness has a  safeguarding responsibility to report to the appropriate services ie Social Services or a local safeguarding officer if she has any concerns about the wellbeing or safety of a child or adult. 


Please respect the wishes of other parents, if they have a safety concern please listen with compassion and make any adjustments necessary to help eliminate the safety concern.  


If a participant behaves in a way that Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness feels is unreasonable, dangerous or threatening, then Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness reserves the rights to withdraw the provision of classes to the participant.


Your instructor, Becky Rose, is trained in infant and child first aid and CPR.  If you feel you need help or support at any time, please ask and your instructor, Becky Rose, will help you in any way possible.


Please help keep the Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness class space a welcoming and friendly one.


Equity, Equality and Inclusion


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness welcomes  and accepts all parents and caregivers and the children in their care, regardless of their background, age or gender.


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness is committed to ensuring that every child and parent has the right to receive love and nurturing care as part of Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness classes, courses and events, regardless of their background.


Subsidised spaces are available for parents and caregivers who may otherwise be unable to afford Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness services.


Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness is committed to offering free services to the community including parent meet-ups and support groups.


Becky Rose Yoga  and Mindfulness has a strict anti racism and active equality policy. Anyone in breach of these terms will be asked to terminate coming to classes at Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfuness. 


Social Media and Photography


In order to respect the privacy of participants, please refrain from taking photographs of other participants and their children, unless permission is given.


Participants are welcome to take photographs of themselves and their own child(ren) in class.


Please do not divulge personal information about other participants on social media without their permission. Magic Little Moments is a safe space where participants can openly talk about parenthood, please respect everyone’s privacy.


Becky Rose Yoga & Mindfulness will only share photos taken in class where permission has been given by the participants who are in the image. These photos will only be shared on social media if permission has been given.


How to contact us:


Email: beckyroseyoga@gmail.com

Tel: 07543825264




The full amount is payable at the time of booking a course or workshop to confirm a place. Medical/Permission forms must be submitted by parents/carers attending any course at Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the instructor of any changes to the Medical/Permission form on a weekly basis.  Payments are made via our booking website bookwhen and can be via PayPal or Bank transfer.


Cancellation/Refund Policy


Cancellation within two weeks of the course start date or withdrawing during a course is classed as a cancellation and no refund will be given for remaining classes. I reserve the right to cancel a course/workshop if there is a problem with the venue or the class size. In the event of cancellation made by Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness a full refund will be given. If classes/groups are cancelled due to any local lockdowns/restrictions these classes will be moved online or future credit will be given and are non-refundable. If Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness cannot run classes online due to lack of childcare (ie in the event of nurseries having to close) then classes are non refundable and are changed to a future date. 


Absence due to sickness

Refunds/discounts are not given for sessions missed within a course due to sickness. We can however arrange for you to attend the next available class/group that has spaces, so that you can catch up on any missed classes.



Photographs will only be taken of you and your baby if you have agreed by submitting the medical/permission form via google forms. Any photographs taken in the classes will be used for advertising and marketing purposes only. We will never take photographs of your baby during massage or messy play when they are fully naked, only when they are wearing a nappy and/or clothes and only if you have given your consent. Parents are permitted to take photographs of their child but only their child during classes.



Your contact information and family details will not be shared with any third parties. I reserve the right to update fees and terms and conditions in the future.


Classes/Groups at Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness fall into the category of ‘organised activities’ and ‘support and education’. These organised activities are permitted to take place outdoors in Level 4 with social distancing of 2 metres between adults is maintained and enhanced hygiene measures are in place. They are permitted at Level 2 and below with all necessary adaptations to be covid secure in place and adhering to the risks assessments of Carmont House.


This Policy has been adapted from government guidelines.


It is important that class/group attendees are safe and have a clear understanding of the current guidelines.


Hygiene measures at Carmont House: 


Hand sanitiser available upon arrival

Self service tea is under the hygiene certificate and risk assessment of Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness

Food & Drink purchased in the Easterbrook Bistro will come under the measures in place by the Bistro 


Personal safety:


A mask to mat policy is in place for indoor classes and social distancing measures are in place at any outdoor classes/groups.

Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry and available at more than one area within our room or outdoor area.


Participants will be encouraged not to share equipment or personal belongings with other participants.

If classes/groups are cancelled due to any local lockdowns/restrictions these classes will be moved online or future credit will be given and are non-refundable.


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness  will sanitise all equipment before and after every class/group including mats, resources, toys, door handles, banisters, and oil bottles by sanitising wipes and a steam cleaner. 


Baby changing- there will be sanitising wipes to disinfect the changing table before and after each use 


Self service Baby weighing – There will be sanitising wipes  to disinfect the scales before and after each use


Becky Rose Yoga’s  responsibility:


Risk assessment is in place within room or outdoor area, in the moment risk assessments take place and adhere to the risk assessments carried out by Carmont House including one way systems, ventilation for indoor classes and following the guidelines and risk assessments for any catering required, a mask and/or a face visor will be worn by the business owner when moving round the room.


Track and Trace


Attendance will be generated on our booking website, Bookwhen. 

Hand sanitiser will be provided  for attendees to use both indoors and outdoors at Carmont House. 

Attendee information will be destroyed after 1 month by Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness.

The information needed will be the full name of parent and of baby/child attending the class/group and a contact telephone number.


Social Distancing


Children under 12 do not have to socially distance.

Adults need to socially distance by 2 metres within indoor and outdoor classes/groups.

Masks are mandatory, social distancing is in place at Carmont House, the Crichton Estate. There is a mask to mat policy for indoor classes/groups and the room is spaced for 2 metre distancing, attendees must wear a mask to leave the room or move round the room. 2 metre distancing is in place for all adults attending outdoor classes/groups.


COVID-19 Symptoms


If Becky of Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness develops symptoms of COVID -19 then the class/group will be cancelled and self isolation will start for 10 days and all classes/groups within that time will be cancelled

If you are displaying any of the following symptoms: high temperature, continuous cough or a lack of sense of taste and/or smell please do not attend any class/group. More information on symptoms can be found here: Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Please DO NOT attend any classes/groups if you have been in contact with anyone indoors/outdoors who has tested positive with COVID-19 or any other variants.

If you develop symptoms during any class/group inform Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness who will in turn inform Track and Trace. 


 Updated guidelines for self isolating can be found here: When to self-isolate and what to do – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (www.nhs.uk)


Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness is insured to facilitate indoor and outdoor classes/groups via Westminster Indemnity, and I have an up to date PVG certificate, with all the relevant training and qualifications required to run all available classes/groups. Becky Rose Yoga and Mindfulness aims to be covid secure at all times and safety is paramount, the relevant covid secure training has been carried out.