Becky Rose Yoga, Dalbeattie

Youth Beatz

Becky Rose Yoga has taught for 2 consecutive years at Youth Beatz Festival which is Scotland's biggest free festival in Dumfries, Scotland for young people and run by Dumfries and Galloway Council's Youthwork and Development Team.

Becky on Youth Beatz:

"I've been lucky enough to teach at this event two years running. I have been supported by Dumfries and Galloway and Business Gateway's CX Project with funding to produce advertising materials. I could then teach pop up classes and advertise my group and private yoga classes for young people. It is such a buzzing atmosphere, perhaps a bit noisy for relaxation but definitely okay for yoga! This year 2016 was brilliant. The teenagers I teach weekly were thrilled to be given t-shirts with a pretty Rose logo and helped me teach on the day, encouraging all ages to join in!

This year 2016 saw me teaching at the Youth Beatz Fringe too! I taught some teenagers who came to enjoy Health and Wellbeing Day - a packed event on at the Oasis Youth Centre with information on sexual health, sugar, smoking and drugs - important topics as obesity, pregnancy and drug abuse amongst our young people is a growing concern. There were smoothies to be made, massages to be had and I taught yoga to a few groups of delightful guys and girls."

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