Becky Rose Yoga, Dalbeattie

Yoga For Children and Teenagers

"You are the infinite ocean,

In whom all of the things of the world

Rise and fall like waves.

Oh child,

There is nothing to gain,

Nothing to lose,

You are already pure awareness."

- Ashtavakra Gita, 15:11 - 12

Becky says about the Children's Yoga Class:

"Yoga helps these children that come to my class slow down, have an awareness of themselves and the others in the class. I see their true potential as it helps to promote both physical and mental calm. In between the joyful giggling, it guides their tired little minds in to a place of calm concentration - some poses are funny AND fiddly - but it all helps them to be positive and reminds them to be non competitive, especially the yoga 'games' and the dreamy relaxation (savasana) that they are guided through at the end of each class."

Becky says about the Teenager's Yoga Class:

"In the past year yoga has seen this group of great girls have fun, and be open to the present rather than strive for a goal. The girls know they deserve to be treated and to treat themselves as much more than a head, shoulders, brain and a hand to write with which is so much the case at school. Yoga helps them become body, heart and mind too. It teaches them strategies to relax and to breathe. The girls are so accommodating to new people joining and help one another in partner poses! We have a great laugh."

A former Beaver Scout Leader, Classroom Assistant, Youth Worker and Au Pair(In France and the UK) Becky loves working with children. Becky is also PVG Checked, has full disclosure, and is approved by Active Schools (Dumfries and Galloway Council) to work in schools. Becky is first aid trained and fully insured. Becky did her children's yoga teacher training as part of her 300 hours teaching diploma in Goa, India with Sampoorna Yoga. Becky is trained to teach yoga and mindfulness to teenagers with Universal Yoga and holds a specialist qualification in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Special Needs from Special Yoga.