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Yoga Parties with Becky

For Birthdays, Christening or Naming, End of Term, or Special Occasions

‘It was a party with a difference , all Bibi's classmates enjoyed themselves. It was a lovely evening and Becky did a great job...patience of a saint..!!!’
‘Ah!! It was so lovely, what a fabulous hall!!! And the weather was perfect!! Val thought it was amazing’

Children’s parties can be tricky, especially as children get older and your inspiration for what to do can dry up. They can also creep up on you and your child may have wilder, bigger and more imaginative ideas of what to to do! They may want unicorns, different crafts, ideas from their favourite book or movie. That’s where yoga birthday parties come in! Your child’s own interests can be used in a creative and imaginative way. And everyone has a wonderful nights sleep that night.

I am a former Beaver Scout leader who led my own Colony at George Heriots School so have experience of preparing and leading craft activities and games.

In Dumfries and Galloway, a truly magical venue is Dalswinton Village Hall(pictured with the beautiful fairy lights!) see more info on their Facebook page.

Yoga parties that I have done in the past:

Ideas or themes:

Any Disney movie!

Any favourite movie of your choice ie The Greatest Showman

Yoga birthday parties are typically suitable for 3-10 year olds but I can design ones for 11-16 year olds on loose concepts like kindness, friendship, happiness, serenity, self esteem etc or on their favourite hobby ie horses, anime, art.

Teenagers parties can be more relaxed and informal, with music, dance and craft activities like collage, relaxation boxes, or mindful jars.

Christening or naming parties can be for babies aged generally 12 weeks to precrawling, with a shorter duration(maximum 1.5 hours) with parent and baby yoga being the main focus, and a yoga onesie as the main gift for the baby. The event can function as an honouring space for a group of mum friends and their babies, and gift bags can be given to each mum and baby.

Children’s parties

are typically 2 hours and you can choose when to have food, cake etc.

I can look after crafts, and provide entertainment in the form of yoga games which are slow to build up in nature, inclusive and non competitive and build on teamwork, partner work and confidence building.

Your child’s party would be bespoke and I would assist you in finding a venue, the cost of which should be met by yourself.

The duration of a typical party is 2 hours(depending on how long you wish the party to be) and this consists of warm up games, a class whereby yoga poses will be enthusiastically weaved into a story, the possibility of yoga circuits, a craft activity and a relaxation fitting the theme of the class where your child can daydream and let their imagination be set free!

Examples of craft activities but which are not limited(your child can suggest something and we can try it!)

I dont take any responsibility for party food or bags, but yoga/holistic gifts can be included for each child and for the birthday boy or girl.

Examples of party goer gifts can include:

Examples of birthday girl/boy gifts:

The birthday child will be made to feel special and valued by their friends I am for everyone to leave feeling inspired, confident and happy.

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