Becky Rose Yoga, Dalbeattie

Yoga for ASD/ADHD and Special Needs

Becky has a specialist qualification from Special Yoga in teaching Special Yoga and Mindfulness to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Distractibility/Hyperactive Disorders and Special Needs.

Becky teaches children on a one to one basis regularly, on a weekly basis. Contact Becky to discuss whether private tuition is best for your child, either with Becky alone or with parent involved.

Becky on Yoga for ASD/ADHD/ADD/Special Needs:

"All children are natural yogis in some sense. They love to move and play and stretch their bodies, and if they can't they love to look around, to listen, to feel and to sing. There is always a benefit to be had in a yoga class for those with additional support needs. There are always songs to be sung, movement to be made, and relaxation methods to benefit everybody. Those in wheelchairs and armchairs sit at the same level as those of us that are on hands and knees - and from there we share the same physical perspective.

Special yoga speaks the universal language of smiles, sound and touch, helping children learn to receive and use touch for body awareness and calming. For children with autism who are extremely visual learners, yoga lends itself to a visual curriculum and postures are inspired by nature and animals. Yoga fosters the imagination and verbal instructions are given sparingly, giving the child space to foster inner calm. Partner poses promote ethical interaction with others.

One to one work with the kids is very special. I love watching the shift from fidgeting, stimming, disconnect and anxiety to gentle focus and awareness of their bodies - it makes my work so rewarding."

Becky's work so far in this area of yoga has been in Stranraer, Newton Stewart and Castle Douglas Activity Resource Centres for work with adults with special needs. Becky has trained Castle Douglas ARC and Stranraer ARC's staff in teaching yoga to the people they support. Becky has taught at Turning Point's Panda Youth Club in Stranraer, The Peer Project Youth Club in Dalbeattie and delivered a workshop for children and families in yoga to Parents Inclusion Network, Dumfries. Becky has private clients with additional support needs and currently teaches the ASN departments at Calside, Lochside, Penningham and Dalbeattie Primaries, and at Langlands, Dumfries.

Contact Becky if you wish a class or workshop delivered to you.